Can You Desensitize Your Penis

is there anyway to not cum so quick ? i know that if you jerk off right before u have sex u actually last longer in bed . but what about if u stuck in a situation that u cant actually jerk off ? im not quick in bed but, i do needa concentrate alot when im having sex ! any ANSWERS ??????? lol

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I would say have his perform foreplay on you (oral, whatever) but you DON'T do it to him. That way you are already part way there and he is just getting started by the time you guys start having sex. Girl on top usually has the guy last longer because you have more control. Also, ask him to tell you when he is close to finishing... that way you can pull out and pause for a second. This might sound like a hassle but it actually can make sex better. With these things he'll be lucky if he can blow his load at all, just don't get any on you.

i think that if you masturbate in the bathroom before your with her ...and then only think of ways to please her ...before putting it in should last longer

Tell your partner that you are a virgin and she(?) will be more sympathetic. You shouldn't be concerned about "lasting a long time" the very first time. It takes practice to build up confidence.

Well he hasnt married, he hasnt been in a serious relationship and he is 41. HE IS A CHEATING IDIOT. Sorry to be so blunt, but he has no idea what a relationship is about. Given that some people who are lets say 20 do make mistakes because they never had a relationship. Stuff happens but from that stuff people are supposed to learn. If u cant learn from ur mistakes u are a idiot. He had enough time to learn what is love, and that cheating is WRONG. I mean why bother with this loser?

I'm sure he does love you, but I think he sees your relationship much more lightly than you do. You probably see yourselves growing old together and living happily ever after. He probably sees you being happy today and tomorrow, and maybe next week. After that, who knows? Not that age should matter, but age is often linked to what people want out of relationships. Because of this, perhaps you should get to know some younger guys, who also want to grow old together. Good luck, and enjoy life!

Work hard to get A's and you'll feel accomplished after those 7 weeks. Then you'll feel like you've truly earned the freedom of summer vacation and you'll be able to bring home a great report card and a 4.0. What I'm trying to say is, your teachers have a point when they say don't slack off during the last weeks. Summer will be here before you know it.

Try changing positions during the act...and try to be on top where you can control the speed of things. You might want to consider getting him to do more foreplay before beginning the act, too - that way you'll enjoy yourself more and be more receptive for those ten minutes.

Is she a virgin too? Has she already seen your penis? If she knows its your first time, then don't worry about it. Things are going to be awkward, but its a learning process. Nobody is amazing their first time. If she has already seen "it", then she already knows what to expect. If not, then don't stress too much about it. After your first time you will be more comfortable. But I suggest you guys work up to sex, if you haven't already. This will make you more comfortable with each other in this intimate situation. Remember, to USE PROTECTION!

Perhaps a c-ring to trap the blood in his jolly-roger. I also do math (in my head) to prolong the joy. I recommend starting with powers of 2: i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512.... Then move on to powers of 3: 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 729... If that doesn't do it, try long division of large numbers into small numbers: 13 / 217 =....

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