Moms Who Are Really Stressed

im 17 & had 12 sexual partners. i use my body to have power & control over men. i use sex as a tool over men to get what i want. my vagina is special & different from any other. i like to be loved for my body. tell me what women doesnt like that. am i right? is it wrong to be proud of being good in bed? because none of the guys i had sex with last longer than 2 minutes.

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For the love of [insert religious figure and/or deity here], if you're going to try to bypass it with a pill, you don't deserve to have a longer amount of time in bed. The simplest and most effective way is exercise. Try building up your stamina and/or endurance, and also try investing some of your time in a special exercise called a "Kegel". It exercises a certain muscle called the PC muscle. Using a pill will do nothing other than empty your wallet.

Eew why would you want to be with a tart who's slept with so many men? That's disgusting and I'd be more afraid of catching some disease than about my performance in bed if I was you. Just dump her cos it's likely she'll dump you and add you on her list of all the men she's slept with. You deserve better.

Here is one exercise that my boyfriend had tried during masturbation and it helps the situation so much when he is doing it with me! (not overnight, but gradually) Stop during masturbation Begin masturbating as normal. As you near orgasm, stop masturbating. Don't go over the edge. Let your tension unwind. When you have relaxed enough, masturbate again until you feel the onset of orgasm, then stop. Repeat this for as long as you like. This is the simplest way to keep sex going. First you must learn to recognize pre-orgasm, and to stop immediately. Otherwise sex is over. Without the pre-orgasm, male orgasm control falls apart. Practice first on your own. You will learn quicker this way. Your concentration will not be broken by external diversions. Once you have practiced stopping at pre-orgasm on your own, try it during sex. There are some other breathing techniques that can help in calming your excitement and get going with your performance. And remember, always divert your concentration elsewhere when you are about to come. To name a few: as fingering her, continue with your foreplay, going down on her or changing a new sex position. I have compile more sex guide especially written for men and women on my website about getting in spicing up sex life / good foreplay / erection endurance / female orgasm and more.. Is totally free.. That's my little naughty gift for you tonight for better sex with your dear one! Get her to read it with you under the couple’s section and I am sure she will appreciate with your effort in wanting a better sex.

One thing you could do is slow down. It's not the special creams or anything. Before you get down to business, maybe pull one out so that you can focus on her. Get her going and by the time she's ready to get it on, you'll be ready too. Good luck.

I know that chewing is hard to deal with. I think these beds are pretty much chew-proof. I can't possibly imagine how he could chew that. They are a bit pricey, but I only heard good reviews about them. Hope it helps!

you can't fix your marriage if your still messing around stop the affair now, it's only bringing you down then concentrate on improving yourself

A short tongue works better than a big pennis! I wonder if a big tongue is better than a short one.humm" maybe that could be your next question!

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Moms Who Are Really Stressed

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