How Can I Get My Partner To Last Longer In Bed

i would like to know styles of sex that make u last longer ways of thinking that make u last diet that it true acai berry helps? and soem work outs that help : ) and do kegels and the stop and go techniques work? thanks guys :)

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Batteries create electricity through a chemical reaction. Even when not in use, some battery chemistries will react over time (which is why alkalines have a "shelf life"). Freezing the battery slows any chemical reactions, increasing the shelf life. However, it is important that you allow the battery to come to room temperature before using it in a product. Two reasons: frozen batteries cannot deliver the power required by most products (so they would appear near dead and could cause operation problems, depending on the product); and, cold batteries could collect condensation that could then drip into sensitive electronics, allowing the smoke that permits the product to work to escape.

wow...he is a dick! soooo inconsiderate!! if i was you i would NEVER talk to him again! lol what an idiot! how old is he?? and really...15 seconds?? that's is crazzzyy short! he must have been SUPER excited!! but seriously, hes a dick!!

I don't know is my honest answer... i'd tell her how you feel and give her a straight choice, that she has one chance to take you back and give it a go, or you're gonna move on, cos its not fair on yourself if you just wait for her for years and years... i think you should watch the film '500 days of summer' because it might give you an insight into how your ex girlfriend might be feeling... and maybe you're just not right for each other? I really hope i helped somewhat :( answer mine?;_ylt=ArtGJwXAcBBzrFfgou77zV8gBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20101031084240AA3WLzX

yea just kinda take it really slow and when u kinda feel the sperm go back down go faster again...u can see porn stars using that same tactic and they last for days straight lol

My doughter is 4, we've choosen to never let her sleep with us, though she does come in in the mornings and we all get a lot of fun out of it, and yes she is interested in 'bits' too, but not so much as your's seems to be at the moment. I would advise not reacting in too much of an extream way at the moment or this may reinforce the behaviour or make it worse. As to what to do, listen to as much advice as you can, then make your own mind up, as every child and every situation is unique. So, my bit of advise.... Explain to them that those 'bits' are private though without making it a big deal, and try to avoid too much exposure at home, laugh things off, when you can, but don't banish them from your bed over this, or it will cause resentment all round. (I'm no expert, so take my advise with a pinch of salt)

When you he realizes that the BEST sex for the guy is being totally unselfish & pleasing his woman, then he will slow it down... I'm sorry, but this comes with experience & age! Or at least someone willing to really learn how pleasurable sex can be when it isn't all about the jack hammer, selfish, let me get off effect...

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