Why Is It That Guys Can Only Last So Long In Bed

I've been hearing good things about this product, but it seems like it's main purpose is to help erectile disfunction, which I don't have. What I do need though, is something to make me last longer in bed. Has anyone who tried this product noticed if it helped you last longer? Thanks

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The head of an uncircumcised penis is all covered over by foreskin all the time so it stays ultra-sensitive, meaning that they usually come faster during sex. Circumcised guys have slightly "tougher" heads which is a good thing for the girls sexual satisfaction usually, it means they can go for longer before cumming.

there are a couple of techniques that work well to overcome premature ejaculation the male multiple orgasm is a good one, it lets you stay hard even after you orgasm... you last as long as you want, no matter how quick you ***

try to please her. look at her reactions and play on that. don't rush into the intercourse part. guys misunderstand that part. we women love foreplay. doing other things before that act can get her to the point when she is ready to climax. then the time issue wouldn't be and issue because you listened to her body. Then of course GET YOU LOL good Loving

Trying to last longer while having sex can be frustrating and difficult. Especially when you climax before pleasing your woman. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some tips on how to last longer while having sex. That way, you will be able to please your woman by lasting longer while you two are making love. The first thing you can do is control your breathing. This is something that a lot of guys don't do, which is why they climax so fast. When you are having sex, your body is tense and your breathing is out of control. You breathe fast and quick. Instead, breathe deep and slow. Don't force it, though. It should feel natural. This will make a big difference in how long you are able to last in bed. The next tip on how to last longer while having sex is your sexual position. Your penis is very sensitive near the head. So, instead of stroking in and out, penetrate your penis in your woman as deep as you can go. Make sure it isn't hurting her, though. It needs to feel good to her. Now, instead of stroking, what you should do is grind your hips. This position is awesome. It'll feel good to you and help you last longer. But the best thing about it is it will stimulate your woman's clitoris. This will feel really good to her. The two tips I mentioned above are quick fixes. There are also some exercises you can do that will help you last longer while having sex. Some of those techniques are the towel method, kegel exercises, and eating blueberries. These are some of the tips on how to last longer while having sex. If you want to increase your stamina and be able to please your woman, be sure to use the tips above. It'll make a big difference and your woman will love it.

I applaud you for not cheating. Lower sperm count might be the cause. Try backing off awhile for the masturbation, & have sex with her. Things might change.

they all say they want it to last long but, 2 hours is kind of excessive lol. Anything after 20 minutes begins to hurt due to the rubbing and the lack of lubrication. Maybe you should try to do something to help you go a lil bit faster so it doesn't end up being painful for the woman . You want it to be just as enjoyable for her as it is for you. My friend has a website that may help you. There may be something on the site to help you out.

Research kegels, or kegel exercises. If you get to the point I am at, you can go forever without pills. I literally mean forever too.

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