How Can You Make Quothimquot Last Longer In Bed

For a man that is going to be having sex for the first time are there any exercises so that he will last longer. I know that the more often that a man has sex the longer he will last. For a first timer are there any things that a guy can do?

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If you finish too fast, just rest for a bit (cuddle or makeout with her while you rest) and then go for round two. Since you already orgasmed once, you will last longer the second time and can focus more on pleasing her. Another thing to try is to use a postition that she likes but is less stimulating for you. Ex: girl-on-top and let her control everything (move her a bit if you want.)

In this situation a guy has two ways of making things more equitable: Extend foreplay ahead of time so you are already near climax before he even starts; or he can continue with oral sex or fingers if he's finished before you.

45 minutes isn't bad at all...if you want/need even more time, think of nonsexual things and maybe stop for a bit and just continue to stimulate her with your fingers until you have yourself under control again. You can even practice while masturbating--just see how long you can keep going and what's right for you.

Well this depends on whether you are suffering from premature ejaculation or if you're just running out of steam. First of all, yes, a reduction in stress lets you get back to the "important" things in life. Preventing premature ejaculation just takes practice. If that is your problem...try fousing on something else while you have sex. This is a difficult problem to fix though. If you are getting too tired to continue, then you need to do more cardio or heart rate elevating exercises. Try running for 30 minutes every day of the week. Besides giving you more immediate energy, you should have more stamina in bed if you stick with it.

what works for me, Is FOREPLAY, Lots of it. I'm talking an hour min. Then when things are really heating up, Slow it down. And the main thing is talk to him,so he knows exactly what it takes to ring your bell.

You need to go to a tantra healer (goddess). They will teach you about the lingam and how to develop endurance in your sex life. They also give great massages! It will be worth the investment.

Common problem. You have to learn to back off when having sex. If you feel yourself climaxing, stop doing what your doing and take a break ( a couple of seconds or until you have it under control). Then, resume. Keep doing this and eventually you'll plateau, which means you can--ahem-- "drill" for a longer period of time without climaxing. Women can last forever--to a guy. For women, it's mostly about the mood their in rather than the physical actions. Try oral sex with the girl first to get her going, with your hands roving all over her midsection, lightly touching all parts of her surrounding the...crash site. Also try having her on top, letting her go to town on you. This allows for deeper penetration and the girl will get the thrill of total control. You know what the g-spot is? No? Yeah read this: Good luck.

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