Why Do Men Masturbate While Lying Next To Their Sleeping Partner

I am in a relationship with someone I love to death but we are lacking passion. He is very inexperienced in bed and talks like he's in highschool still when we are about to get down and it turns me off. In every other department he is awesome. he wants kids and marraige all the same that I do and we have the dreams of a nice house and money and raising our kids in church yadda yadda. but I have known him for 3 years. there is this other guy that I have known for 5 years and I could not imagine a sexier man. we text and talk online about once a month, sometimes twice a week texting. just how are you, and he talks about school, and work and he dates the most beautiful girls i have ever seen but he always breaks up with them and gets back together and then cheats or breaks up again, and I don't know what he wants in a relationship but for 5 years we have talked about hooking up and finally the other night we did. it was everything i have ever imagined and more. i cant stop thinking about it. if THAT is what sex is supposed to feel like WHY CANT I HAVE THAT in my relationship!? it was so exciting, during four play i just could not wait to do it. we went down on each other and peeled each others clothes off , and laughed, and the whole time i was kissing him my jaw was hurting from smiling so hard, I was so happy. and during sex we were flipping around this way and that way and doing all kinds of positions while remaining romantic and kissing and listening to music. the worst part about it is he was very ......well.....large. and i have never. ever. ever. ever. ever been with anyone like that or even seen one that beautiful. this sucks, because now on top of the lame sex life i had i have to compare this one in my mind forever. My boyfriend loves me to death, and he is my best friend, he hates that we never have sex and so do I. what the heck can I tell him to help him perform more ...confidently and last longer. with the other guy we had straight, hot sex for what seemed like 30 minutes atleast. thats a RECORD for most men. and the worst part about it is I havent even talked to him about it to see what he feels about it too. I dont want to seem attatched and I also want to leave the excitement there so we can do it again in a few months. it's selfish to want to enjoy sex? oh I guess girls are supposed to lay there and pretend they like it just to please our men. Or maybe once in 24 years we are allowed to enjoy it.

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I would cancel the trip and get to know him better before you even consider any further arrangements. He was obviously expecting a sexual relationship during the time you were to be together. He could have anything, you don't know, especially as he was so willing to just jump into a sexual liaison; PS "dealbreaker" does not exactly give me the impression of long term committment!;

try the stop and go method... when your feel it coming on stop or slow way down. then when the feeling goes away start up again. its actually very nice... oh yeah, when you stop, dont just stop everything, kiss her, play with her, you know to keep her into it.

Try foreplay. Have him play with you, using his hands, mouth, and maybe a few toys, to get you fully excited and aroused, and maybe a few orgasms. Then he can slip it in and take it slow. If he's too fast, at least you were taken care of earlier. He'll need to practice his ejaculation skills. It just feels too good.

The more you get to do it the less sensitive you get and will last longer. Chaos, Read about the start and stop technique and kegel exercises. They are a big help. Chaos

Holding period depends from person to person and from situation to situation, with time u'll settle with sex it will surely lengthens, read on the following links they will further unfold all ur answers about sex, penis n its size, growth, masturbation, holdng period etc http://www.healthmad.com/Men's-Health/Common-Sex-Queries.510033 http://www.socyberty.com/Sexuality/25-Myths-and-Facts-About-Sex.477823 http://www.healthmad.com/Addiction/Addicted-to-a-Pleasure-Called-Sex.408445 http://www.socyberty.com/Sexuality/Adult-Games-Foreplay.538737 http://www.socyberty.com/Sexuality/The-G-Spot.723513

Confront your father about this. Be confident and say you know the truth. Tell him that your hurt, and that if he doesn't confess to your mother about this and talk to her about it, then you'll do it for him. If he doesn't, show your mother the pictures and all the evidence you've told us, but do it slowly and softly. try to be soothing. hope i helped - natalie

making love & having sex is when you are both happy. why should you just do what he wants to do to make him satisfied? it just isn't right. you just need to explain all this and say to him how u aren't happy in bed and would love to make the bedroom antics naughty or just so both of you are happy. its simple and easy just talk to him :) - communication !

If it's good then the relationship may last longer, and if it sucks it may not last as long. In my relationship, I definitely think that overall I have a stronger sex drive than my boyfriend.

All guys come quickly when they just start having sex, it's totally normal. The more sex you have the longer you'll last.

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