Mature Married Menwomen My Husband Amp I Got Into A Big Fight Monday Night I Had Good Reasons For Being Mad

what can i do to make my husband last longer in bed? our foreplay is only about kissing and caressing for 1-2 minutes because he's so eager to enter.i'm thinking about suggesting pills or other medications to him but will this going to bring side effects? he's 49 and i'm 26 we just got married January this was good first few months but now everything is bland.our love making session only last for 10 minutes he cannot carry on because he lost his energy the second time.i'm not happy i even sleep in different bedroom last week just to avoid sex with him.

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make him use a condom and a cock ring, that will make him last longer, also tell him to snuggle with you and do for play with you first, tell him he needs to warm up the oven before he sticks in the Turkey,

I don't think age has anything to do with it, but maturity and passion for life do. I have been dating a man 15 years my senior for a while now and I have not one complaint. the time and effort he takes to take care of my needs (and it is a mutual thing, don't think I let him do all the work!) lets me know how much he loves and desires me...but you can't base a relationship solely on that. you may have a sexual-physical connection but what about emotional, mental, all of the above? if you want to marry this person because the sex is good, you need to rethink your priorities and what REALLY matters to you...doesn't seem much like he does.

you need to make him feel like his size is fine to you. you know, build up his confidence. right now he feels like he,s not satisfying you and you need to reassure him he,s the 1 you want and as for his size he,s is perfect for you.

Sometimes a can't go for more than 5 minutes, sometimes I want to do a marathon. It all depends on what time of the month it is in her cycle.

This is good! In fact, it's really good. First, you should make the Players live kind of like in the jungle or the desert, some place far away from civilization and technology. Ailyn and the other Pausers should live in a big city such as New York or L.A. Dr. Parker and the other scientists should be evil and only concerned about money and not human well-being. They brainwash society and make them believe that the Players are evil and that they should stay away from them. Why not even make them give a reward to any Pauser that turns in a Player? Like "One million per player's head". So that makes Ailyn and Gabriel's relationsip even more forbidded and interesting. At the end all the Pausers realize that life is a gift that they should learn to appreciate and love. The Pausers dont go anywhere, because they don't need to escape unless you're thinking about a seque. The Players should move back to the city and they all live happily ever after.

I would suggest contacting your doctor about the pain. As for him, there are many good creams on the market that desensitize his member so he can last longer.

First off if you are like most men, you have taught yourself to have an ejaculation PDQ. So you need to go back to basics,and by that I mean. You'll have to go back to your Masturbation and retrain yourself to last longer. So then you'll need to bring yourself to an erection,but don't try to have your orgasm as quickly as you can. You will then need to bring yourself as close to an orgasm as possible,but then you'll stop just short of that orgasm. You need do this quite often,until you can bring yourself close to your orgasm at least six or more times in each session, when you engage in your Masturbation.. What you are doing is learning to control your penis,not let it control you.

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Mature Married Menwomen My Husband Amp I Got Into A Big Fight Monday Night I Had Good Reasons For Being Mad

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