I Donamp39t Last Long In Bed

My best guy friend and I (he's my neighbor) spend a LOT of time together. Pretty much 7 days a week he comes over and hangs out all night. We've never hooked up but there has always been a connection there that we both haven't acted on. Since I've lived next door to him (a little over a year) he hasn't dated anyone. I thought he told me everything. I mean, we talk about EVVVVERYTHING. When I meet guys, I tell him about it. I haven't had a boyfriend since I've lived here but I've definitely had a few "make-out" sessions ;) He always seemed a little bit jealous and talked a little crap, but nothing too serious. He came over the other night, like clockwork, but didn't stay long at all. He said he was going to go home and shower. Well, he did and he left REAL quickly. So, I called him. Naturally. I said, "Hey.. where are you off to in such a hurry?" and he kinda paused a little and said,, "Oh.. I didn't tell you I had a date tonight?" UMMMM NO! I didn't even know he met a girl. He said he'd been talkin to her on the phone a little and was taking her out. My question is.... WHY did he hide it from me? He always tells me everthing - why didn't he tell me this? The night BEFORE, he came home from work a little later than normal and I was already in bed so he literally came and knocked on my bedroom window. I woke up, went outside and he didn't have a reason for the window knocking. He just wanted to say hi, come in and talk.. Last night when he got home, he didn't call me or come over. This is not normal. He comes over every single day, it's repetition. He always get home, feeds his dog and comes right over. Last night he got home, went inside, shut his door and never called me or came over. I need to talk to him about this situation. The last thing I want is for him to feel like he can't bring women around because of me. I'm afraid to approach him because I don't want to bring unwanted drama into his life. Is it better that I just don't say a thing?

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umm, just keep doing it you'll get better. also, foreplay. men seem to forget about that part. You won't have to worry about how long last as much if you aren't trying to get her from start to finish through sex alone. that takes forever FYI for all of you guys reading this, our bodies don't work like yours they take time to get going and we have a whole lot of body parts other than what is between our legs. and if you are old enough/not against it/ whatever I second the motion on smoking a joint works for my guy or just have a beer or two ( but don't get drunk nothing is worse than a guy who smells like alcohol all sloppy and grunting on top of you, eww) and yeah my fiance just walked by and said to always "handle your business" ( give yourself a rub) before you go out with a girl then you are relaxed and its not the only thing you can think about all night

Omg!!!!!!!!!! That is something i never heard before..Love your jokes..You have to tell me more..When i read your jokes it makes me laugh and i can't stop..LOL!!!!!!!

could they do say that the missionary postion isnt good for the females bc it keeps the "juices" from lubercating the top of the vagina thus not giving her the pleasure she should get. since that is where most of her ex special censors are. I read it in a magazine at an obgyn office the otha day.. n im 31 so it shocked me, but was educational

ewll if you do you wont be able to do it four or five times. dont masturbate. if she finds out its a turnoff. also it wont make you last much longer. if your gonna go your gonna go. its just gonna make it not feel as good since your used to something besides well....a vagina. technique. try to please her. kiss her on her neck gently and smoothly. when your trying to please her your focus becmoes on her having a good time instead of you just pumping it in.

i think that this piece of writing is great for a thirteen year old. you shouldn't think that your witting is not good as when you do so your final product will not turn out as good as what you would have hoped. keep going on with your writing. i know you are doing a lot better than i was when i was 13.

There's a couple of ways that work for most people. For me I just bust a nut quick the first time, then I do some massive foreplay until I'm ready to go again. The 2nd time takes a lot longer. My gf likes this best cuz she gets off several times in the process. Or u can use the stop and go method. When u feel u are about to bust, just stop and maybe makeout some or do some light foreplay for a while. Then go again until u are ready to bust again. Repeat this as many times are u can until u can't hold back any more.

yes you last long...you should go to the doctor you might have penile sensitivity issues it's usually caused by over masturbating

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