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hi, im 20 and my boyfriends 24.. we've been together 2 years and we used to be able to go all night but now he hasn't been lasting as long as id he will start to go really fast and he says he cant help but go fast and it feels great but doesn't last that long.. like once im starting to get really into it he c*ms.. and sometime we will do it again right after but then he seems to c*ms even faster and then he feels fully satisfied and tells me to lay next to him and talks about how good it was but i still want more.. i mean he last for about 10min sometimes way less.. how can i make him last longer or tell him id like it longer without hurting his feelings? Ive tried bring it up once before a while back but he got that " im sorry im not good enough" attitude and starting getting upset so how can i bring it up correctly without hurting his feelings and get him to understand

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have u tried talking 2 him? tell hom how ur feeling.get him 2 do forplay when he gets really turned on get him 2 stop then turn the tables on him u do the forplay 2 him,keep this going untill u both r out of ur mind with pleasure then u enter him he will love the fact ur in control have a great time luv trace

Have him jack off b4 sex? That might help. Otherwise, the more he does it, eventually he'll be able to last longer. I guess he didn't masturbate when he was younger.

Pleasure her and get her to almost the point of no return, then it dont matter if you last a little or a lot!! Try to stop yourself though just before so you can go for a bit longer, but more importantly have some fun and practise safe sex always.

You could try a couple different things: 1. During the act (or when you are close to being finished...but not too close) think of something beside what you are doing. Keep your eyes open. Go for whatever is mundane/not sensual for you. Some men prefer baseball, because they know a ton of bs about it. 2. RELAX. This is the big one. Relax EVERYTHING. Good Luck

Concentrate your efforts on making HER finish FIRST, then YOU finish second. Your problem is that YOU are too concerned with YOU, and not concered enough with HER. Learn to MAKE LOVE, not just have sex, which is all that youa re doing now. BTW. Kegel exercises take MONTHS to work properly. Not just a week or so.

I'm gonna be honest with you. Most guys do want sex as often as they can get it. The problem isn't you, per say, but it's that guys want want they can't have. Sex in the beginning of a relationship is always best. There comes a point where it becomes routine to us. It loses it's excitement. We want variety. More challenges. Where's the fun in something that you've already got?I've had sex with numerous women but have only had a small handful of relationships. In those few, the girl always complained about my lack of affection. Even though I haved them, I lost sexual attraction to them because I wanted to see what else I could get. Definately something worth talking to him about. Good luck

If you are in a trusting relationship there is no reason to be worried. If she loves you she will stay with you and you two can work this out together. If this is her first time too i wouldn't be too worried. The first time can hurt like hell so she may not want it to last very long lol. Just talk to her about sex and what it means to her, past experiences and you should feel better. Besides if you don't last long enough at sex just give her oral until she is satisfied and i guarantee she won't be complaining I can have sex for just a few minutes or up to an hour and it's all good if it's with the right person and you both love each other and trust each other to be kind and understanding

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