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We have been having sex for a couple of months and he has never lasted longer than five minutes. It seems that as soon as he's in, he is right back out again. Since he was my first, he says it's because I am too tight. After two months he should be getting use to this right? I want to know what sex feels like after 5 or even ten minutes. Help please

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when my children were younger (they all have children of their own now) they always come into our bed from an early age, i breastfed all mine so boy was it convenient.my breasts were a sought after thing, but i always wore a nighty or a t-shirt,and i made my hubby cover his nether regions up when they came into bed.kids will be curious but they have to be told that they are your bits n pieces and i would suggest that you still let him come into you but do a cover up job..as for school i dont think your child is the only one who will be curious,they all go through a phrase and i think it will pass, just gentle tell him he must not go lifting other childrens clothes as they wouldnt like it and tell him that all boys have the same bits and all the girls do too...good luck

Squeeze the penis near the tip when the feeling of coming arrives. This squeezing can take away the erection too if you keep squeezing, so just do it long enough for the urge to come go away. My husband had that and it will go away if you have sex a lot and use this technique. Also get a dildo and have him use that on you so you can come if he comes too fast. The soft gel ones are nice. You are very nice to him I hope you can orgasm other ways. I agree you shouldn't fake it. Relationships are no good if they are based on untruthfulness.

You can't judge how it will be this way. A vagina is very different from your hand, no matter what you do, and the girl it's attached to will play a major part in how long you last. Think about it...vagina's are tight and warm...girls have boobs and an ass that you are gonna be checking out and getting turned on by. I assume you don't turn yourself on too much when you masterbate. If the girl knows it's your first time, I don't think she'sll mind if you don't last too long. Just wait 20 and do it again...the second time will be longer.

if you stop the self service routine it will make this happen sooner for you. She will be much more satisfied as you are no longer building a campfire but making love. You will be fulfilled much sooner because you are excited more and it will speed up the process . My hubby says a little more time spent before is going to help the process a little more touchy feely etc with out being to graphic.

the first time will be quick regardless but just let her know you don't have experience and she should understand if she doesn't just hit her in the head with a bat and leave her to die! LOL just kidding! but as long as your honest and Communicate you'll be ok

If you have been in relationship for long, it's a case of premature ejaculation, or you may not be sufficiently aroused for which you need more foreplay before actual intercourse. If it's a case of premature ejaculation, your guy needs to see a sexologist.

Sounds normal for his age, I would not let it worry you too much. A child should be able to have a special time with their parents to chat and play toys but if it worries your partner could you not have a specail half an hour where you all play in his room before you go down stairs once everyone is dressed and the beds are made.

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