How To Last Longer In Bed

Im being serious with this question. I always here women talking about how there guy pops right away and doesnt last long enough to satisfy them, but I have the opposite problem. It takes me forever to climax during sex. And Ive also heard women make the jokes about, well if a guy is going to take so long at least he should have something good to look at up on the walls, pictues painting... etc. Which had you rather have ladys? A guy that doesnt last long enough or a guy that takes forever? lol

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Try to perform a type of exercise which you like. Basically, we are more motivated to do something which we enjoy. I have read about this in articles and also seen it from my personal experience. I have friends who love basketball so much that they can play it continuously. So, I guess you would just have to do an exercise which you like if you don't want to give up halfway.

do you know what? i hate women that don't give their child any rites to see their fathers,shes using your child as a weapon against you which is totally wrong,the only thing you can do is try your best to see your child and no matter how much she trys to keep you away you just have to fight back,shes trying to stop you just so she can get on with her life with her fancy man without you being around,which is unfair to you cause you probably don't deserve all that :)

Well my and my fiance' have been dating long distance becuz i'm in college and he's finishing up high school. We were together almost a year (11 months) and he couldn't do it, so he broke up with me lastnite to be exact. I hope you guys work out. Good luck

Why don't you two just stop for a few minutes whenever he feels like he's about to...ya know...and then continue when that feeling goes away for him.

Find a new boyfriend, he''s using you to get what he wants and like you said, giving nothing in return. He hasn't got a job....WHY? You need to stand up for yourself instead of letting him walk all over you.

No! Of course you DON'T divorce your husband and run off with some other man. How shallow can you be? Your husband may not ever be capable of lasting as long as you'd like him to. The fact that he's willing to try to last longer, to please you (you said you two have tried everything) just reinforces how much he loves you and how much he's willing to do for you. If an orgasm is that important to you, ask your husband to perform oral sex on you first. However, I strongly suspect that once you quit being so selfish in bed, and start focusing on loving and pleasuring your husband, and start caring about what he's feeling and his desires, the problems will probably clear up on their own.

Hi.. Here is one exercise that my bf had tried during masturbation and it helps the situation so much when he is doing it with me! (not overnight, but gradually) Stop during masturbation Begin masturbating as normal. As you near orgasm, stop masturbating. Don't go over the edge. Let your tension unwind. When you have relaxed enough, masturbate again until you feel the onset of orgasm, then stop. Repeat this for as long as you like. This is the simplest way to keep sex going. First you must learn to recognize pre-orgasm, and to stop immediately. Otherwise sex is over. Without the pre-orgasm, male orgasm control falls apart. Practice first on your own. You will learn quicker this way. Your concentration will not be broken by external diversions. Once you have practiced stopping at pre-orgasm on your own, try it during sex. There are some other breathing techniques that can help in calming your excitement and get going with your performance. I have compile more infos on erection and sexual endurance for man on my website. Is totally free.. Should you need more information, do claim your free guide and be that hero tonight! =)

First of all, the next time your friend makes a comment about your virginity, respond with, "Why do you care?" Hopefully that will shut him up. The fact that he is teasing you tells me that he is insecure about his own sexuality. Second, it will happen when it happens. Don't rush things just so that you can get it done. If the girl you're with is someone who really cares for you, she isn't going to make fun of you. You will be fine. You sound like a great guy. Hang in there!

try wearing a condom, or try distracting yourself like thinking of something not sex related like a car engine or something lol

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